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Thread: Safari does not play video

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    Default Safari does not play video

    I add some videoclips into Animator. But video does not play into Safari.
    Any idea?
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    Hmm, looks like Safari (desktop version, mobile version does not support auto play) is having some issues with the auto play attribute. Another way to approach the issue would be to star the video with js using the start action on the scene.

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    Hi again,
    Sorry for the long.
    Can you show how to get the action?.

    I do not see an action to start playing scene.

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    He means that you put custom code in the start action of the current scene.

    So you open the scene where you work in.
    Click outside of the Scene "stage"
    on the right you will have the "actions" bar in the sidebar.
    The Actions bar has a "start", "end", Mouse move actions.

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