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    Default Migrating CSS

    Hi all,
    We got an old GWT project and we want to migrate to GXT 3.0 for the "magic stuff" that vanilla GWT doesn't have. This old project is based on gwt-ext (with ext-js 2.0.2) and we used x-toolbar and x-grid3 to create a new look and feel.
    But with GXT 3.0 we are not able to use our old single-file-css anymore. Thats ok for me, I hope I could transform all styles to a custom theme.
    But, our users were able to customize this old single css-file and change images, background colors, .... I wonder how I could let our users (-> css designer) customize the view now. The images and css file are inside a theme project, the css classNames are obfuscated or in the case I set a style to the uiBinder, I only set the top level class-name.
    For instance when I got a grid and set the style to customGrid, only the top level of the grid is "customGrid". The header, where we want to change tho columnbackground is still complete obfuscated. I hoped that I got something like "customGrid x-grid-header" here.
    Ok, enough bla bla my questions:
    a) I am prototyping this css topic for myself at the moment. Does the 1 Developer Pack includes some more documentation about creating own themes?
    b) I think the issue with legacy css support is not a gxt specific question. Perhaps someone here got a similiar issue and has some links or hints for me here.


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    I've also been searching for a way to "de-obfuscate" css class names. Just put that in your module file:
    <set-configuration-property name='' value='pretty' />
    But is it really necessary? Isn't 'appereance' a better way to customize your style?

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    This is interesting..... I wonder what Sencha's answer will be on their skinning support without having to recompile.

    Thanks for the tip on the pretty class names. I am thinking this might be the key I need to assist with some of the selenium tests I have with my test deployment (ie. detecting selected rows etc.) In this regard GXT 2.X was easier, but perhaps this levels the playing field a bit. (of course it still means you need two deployment servers/web-apps - but I have this so it isn't an issue)

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