Hi all,
We got an old GWT project and we want to migrate to GXT 3.0 for the "magic stuff" that vanilla GWT doesn't have. This old project is based on gwt-ext (with ext-js 2.0.2) and we used x-toolbar and x-grid3 to create a new look and feel.
But with GXT 3.0 we are not able to use our old single-file-css anymore. Thats ok for me, I hope I could transform all styles to a custom theme.
But, our users were able to customize this old single css-file and change images, background colors, .... I wonder how I could let our users (-> css designer) customize the view now. The images and css file are inside a theme project, the css classNames are obfuscated or in the case I set a style to the uiBinder, I only set the top level class-name.
For instance when I got a grid and set the style to customGrid, only the top level of the grid is "customGrid". The header, where we want to change tho columnbackground is still complete obfuscated. I hoped that I got something like "customGrid x-grid-header" here.
Ok, enough bla bla my questions:
a) I am prototyping this css topic for myself at the moment. Does the 1 Developer Pack includes some more documentation about creating own themes?
b) I think the issue with legacy css support is not a gxt specific question. Perhaps someone here got a similiar issue and has some links or hints for me here.