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Thread: Visual Designer for GXT?

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    Default Answered: Visual Designer for GXT?

    My project uses GXT for development and maintenance of an internal website. We use a vast majority of the GXT UI controls, and have even extended some of them for additional functionality.

    However, we seem to be spending a significant bulk of our time coding the UI which reduces the time we have to focus on getting the business functionality right. Not to mention the extreme difficulty in maintaining and re-factoring the code when the client requests changes to the UI. I did some initial search on Sencha's website to find out if there's a visual designer that we can integrate in to our application. It appears that there is a visual designer available for ExtJS, but not for GXT.

    Can someone suggest a solution to our problem here? We just need to be able to visually design our UI and delegate that work from developers to UI designers.


  2. There is no designer for GXT currently.

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    There is no designer for GXT currently.
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