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No i did not have problems with the plugin and it works fine for the most part ( i think there was a css issue related to the first group but i did not pursue it)..
However i wanted to reduce the data from the server side i did some grouping on my data (to make ie8 more responsive) so i wanted to do a summary or grouping of a field within a record (not of records).

The summary plugin works on an assumption (which is fine and correct in most of the cases) i.e every row respresents a line of data and the grouping would then work based on the partiuclar field in the record.
However in our specific business case these would translate into thousands of rows therefore i map my model and hence my record to contain a field which actually contains key value pairs of records that i would want to group on ; thus collapsing a group into a single record based on say a few fields.

for instance instead of having 8 rows of

CountryA field1A field1B ... Year2011
CountryA field1A field1B ... Year2012
CountryA field1A field1B ... Year2013 ...
CountryA field1A field1B ... Year2018

Instead of having so I return a single record
CountryA field1A field1B ... {d2012:val, d2013:val, ....d2018:val}

In order to group by any of field1A or field1B or both I would need the total of all vals in last Field
so the only place where i could do this grouping was defining my own groupHeaderTpl for Mutligrouping
 fgroupHeaderTpl : [    '{[this.readOut(values)]}',
   readOut : function(values) {
// it is not possible to do a Ext.get of the groupHeaderId here
   // so push the groupheaderIds to an array property in the grid
   // do the calculations for each group and push in the sum for that field (column)
     return value.sn
and then in the afterLayout for the grid
afterlayout : function(eopts) {
   // retrieve the groupedheaderIds and use the calculated values to create the groupedheader
     var x = this.mOwnArray;
// then do Ext.get(groupheaderId) and replace the dom ...
This is the test version that i developed and its performing fairly well for large datasets in ie8. (as opposed to the treegrid).

Please put the source code to share out thanks