I've done some looking around and have found a few good articles on dropping google maps into a mobile app. I haven't yet found a definitive "silver bullet" list of things to do to make sure that your map is optimized and as near native as possible.

While I know there may never be a true silver bullet list, I would like to see what other sencha developers have found in regards to providing a great maps experience to their users.

I replaced all of my KML overlays with JSON data that I parse into google.maps.Polygon objects. Along with all of the google maps api docs, this article was a great help in dealing with polygons: http://groups.google.com/group/googl...d4da9a057900ad. Some of the data I pull has thousands of LatLng points so I have plans to save the created Polygon objects to the device for re-use. I found that parsing and creating the Polygon object has shown some slower than desired performance...especially for large data sets while the actual drawing has been snappy...even for large data sets.

This article has a lot of great info/suggestions on how to ensure a good user experience (most of which can apply to sencha apps despite it being written for mobile apps in general): http://blogs.missouristate.edu/web/2...obile-devices/. I especially found the caching and map delay suggestions worth a read.

Something I would be very interested in improving is the pinch-zoom step distance in a google map. Native maps allow users to zoom to any level w/out re-rendering the map allowing for a really nice seamless experience for the users. It can be frustrating when you pinch to zoom in for example, and have to wait (even if it's just for a second) before interacting with the map again.

My development pattern went something like get everything I want working, then go back and optimize. For better or worse my map is functional...and now I need it faster. I intend to keep working to implement some of these optimizations and will post back with results or new ideas, and hopefully this can serve as a place for some other sencha specific great ideas.

Thanks for the read, and in advance for any replies,