Hello all,

I would like to report to you a bug that i recently detected on a GXT Widget, it's Grouping Grid.
When i would retrieve data from database (with a date column) and list it on this widget.
On server-side it was ok, but when i tried this on client-side, i realized that this widget print incorrect dates
Date on database --> 28/06/2012
Date showed on server side --> 28/06/2012, so it's ok !
Date showed on client-side --> 27/06/2012 !!!

I don't know why the date is backed by one day and only on client-side.

Can someone tell me if it's a really bug or i that i don't manipulate correctlly this widget.

NB. To avoid this problem, i found a workaround is to change the type of this column to String format.