Hey all --

Trying out Touch Charts 2 beta with an ST2 application that I'm building and whenever I try to specify a 'fromDate' and/or 'toDate' in an axis, the values are ignored and I'm left with 1969-January 1970 (which I believe is what happens when you enter a new Date(0)). No matter what I do to update these values, the time type axis is stuck with these two dates.

Here's a sencha fiddle I put together of the issue (NOTE: make sure to hit "Run" to see result): http://www.senchafiddle.com/#CJB2R

And another one using Category as an axis-type: http://www.senchafiddle.com/#FciIX

(Note: In order to make this example work, I had to add touch-charts.js at the beginning of the fiddle - since it doesn't accept 'resources' yet.) My code starts around line 23959, but here's the gist:

Ext.define('app.view.chart.Chart', {
    extend: "Ext.Panel", 
    xtype: 'isochart',
    requires: [Ext.chart.Chart, Ext.chart.axis.Numeric, Ext.chart.axis.Time, Ext.chart.series.Line],
    config: {
        autoDestroy: true,
        id: 'chartview',
        layout: 'vbox',
        defaults: {
        items: [
            store: myStore,
            style: {
                background: 'white'
            animate: true,
            interactions: [
                    type: 'iteminfo',
                    listeners: {
                        show: function(interactions, item, panel){
                            var storeItem = item.storeItem;
                            console.log(storeItem.get('lmptotal') + ' ' + storeItem.get('date'));

            axes: [{
                type: 'Numeric',
                fields: ['lmptotal'],
                title: 'Price',
                grid: true,
                minimum: 0,
                maximum: 40
                type: 'Category',
                position: 'bottom',
                fields: ['date'],
                title: 'Hours'

                type: 'Time',
                fields: 'date',
                label: {
                    rotate: {
                        degrees: 45
                title: 'Hours',
                dateFormat: 'M Y',                
                grid: true,
                fromDate: '6/27/12',
                toDate: '6/28/12'

            series: [
                    type: 'line',
                    highlight: {
                        radius: 2
                    smooth: false,
                    axis: ['left','bottom'],
                    xField: 'date',
                    yField: 'lmptotal',
                    Title: 'LMP'
Thanks in advance!