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Thread: Update/Feature Request: Work Tabs

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    Default Update/Feature Request: Work Tabs

    Having worked with Sencha Architect for the last few months and absolutely loving it, I do have to say there's one particular time-saving feature that I would find extremely useful if it were added.

    I think it's fairly common to see in pretty much most other applications (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Visual Studio etc) that for any file you select to work on, a tab for it will show up above the editor. Additional tabs appear for every new file you want to work on. You know the deal! It's so useful when you can quickly go back to previous files that you're continuously working on.

    As much as I love Sencha Architect, I'm sorta tired of having to scroll up and down through the project inspector all the time (particularly with so many views, controllers etc) and hiding or expanding directories, just to get back to the same two or three views/ controllers etc I'm working at a particular time.

    Anyway, just a thought.
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