Ext version tested:

  • Ext 4.1 rev 0 - GPL

Browser versions tested against:

  • FF 13.0.1 (firebug 1.9.1 installed)


  • The german localisation is in a very good state in general. Nevertheless there are 3 minor issues in date formating:
  • 1) The default date format should be set to 'd.m.Y'. This has to be set before extjs 4.1.0 to get the correct date format in grids (datecolumn). Looks like this is not necessary longer, but I think it does no harm to set the german date format as default there as well.
  • 2) 'Y-m-d' in altFormats of Ext.form.field.Date is missing (but very very common for database requests). Maybe the other altFormats from the international version should also be considered too, but Y-m-d at least.
  • 3) Monday should be the common start day in date picker of form date fields. startDay is set for the date picker, but not for datefield so it is overwritten back to sunday when the date picker is part of an datefield.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  • Include locale/ext-lang-de.js after ext-all-debug.js

The result that was expected:

  • see description

The result that occurs instead:

  • see description

Test Case:


Debugging already done:

  • none

Possible fix:

  • following patch does work for me:

diff --git a/locale/ext-lang-de.js b/locale/ext-lang-de.js
index e8a04aa..564b6d5 100644
--- a/locale/ext-lang-de.js
+++ b/locale/ext-lang-de.js
@@ -75,6 +75,8 @@ Ext.onReady(function() {
         Ext.Date.getShortDayName = function(day) {
             return Ext.Date.dayNames[day].substring(0, 3);
+        Ext.Date.defaultFormat = 'd.m.Y';
     if (Ext.MessageBox) {
         Ext.MessageBox.buttonText = {
@@ -168,7 +170,8 @@ Ext.onReady(function() {
         maxText: "Das Datum in diesem Feld muss vor dem {0} liegen",
         invalidText: "{0} ist kein gltiges Datum - es muss im Format {1} eingegeben werden",
         format: "d.m.Y",
-        altFormats: "j.n.Y|j.n.y|j.n.|j.|j/n/Y|j/n/y|j-n-y|j-n-Y|j/n|j-n|dm|dmy|dmY|j|Y-n-j"
+        altFormats: "j.n.Y|j.n.y|j.n.|j.|j/n/Y|j/n/y|j-n-y|j-n-Y|j/n|j-n|dm|dmy|dmY|j|Y-n-j|Y-m-d",
+        startDay: 1

     Ext.define("", {

Additional CSS used:

  • only default ext-all.css

Operating System:

  • ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS