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Thread: ExtJS 4 Form: Unique Field Value Validation Example (Server Validation)

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    Default ExtJS 4 Form: Unique Field Value Validation Example (Server Validation)

    Todays example is an ExtJS 4 Form unique field value validation, done on the server side. Do you know when you are going to register in a new social network and you have to choose a username (and this username must be unique)? This is the case we are going to handle in this article.
    I also implemented this example using Sencha Architect 2.
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    Thanks for the examples . You have had some really good ones over the years

    However it would be really nice if examples could NOT be in the MVC /Sencha Architect 2 output format.

    It makes them terribly hard to follow.

    When trying to understand its much easier if the configuration and application are in the same file.

    I own both Designer and Sencha Architect 2 and I wish there was a way to turn that off.


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