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Thread: databinding for lists and forms

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    Default databinding for lists and forms

    Hey guys, im kind of new to sencha touch 2 and i am trying to dynamically update a list and a form with data. First i want to read in a list and i want to update the UI list with everything from the data. Second when i click "details" on my list item i want to update a form that corresponds with the data from that certain list item, what is the best way to do this and do you guys have any examples? Thanks!

    Edit: i figured out how to do it for the lists anyone got any tips on the form? I dont know the syntax well but i assume i think id need something like "get view, get name? set place holder" thats my thought process but im not sure what to do .

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    use the setRecord method on the form passing in the record you want to edit. When you want to "submit" the form you simple execute the updateRecord method in the form and it will update the record which the list should reflect this change automatically.
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