This is my first post here, so at first I would like to say Hello ;-).

Now let's go down with the business,
I am struggling with the problem of checkboxes inside of every cell of Ext.grid.PivotGrid.

This is what i have at the moment:
transitions table_3.png

The checkboxes are visible and depends on provided data. Initial values are generated in the way that fits my needs, but I can not find any way to set up something like
for every checkbox.

Here is how I generate these checkboxes:
renderer:function (value) {
            var str = '';
            if (value !== 0) {
                str = 'checked';
            return String.format(
                '<input type=checkbox ' + str + ' />'
So now, if I have my cell rendered using my custom render, am I still able to retrieve checkbox specific data changes ?