newbie here - be warned.

I took the array-grid.html/array-grid.js example from

I then put the same data into a MongoDB database, using mongodb-rest for access, and a URL like this:


[{"_id":"4ffcfaf0f2c5dcf7569e4e3a","name":"Monkey D Luffy","position":"Captain","ambition":"I will become the pirate king"},{"_id":"4ffcfaf0f2c5dcf7569e4e3b","name":"Roronoa Zoro","position":"Swordman","ambition":"Become the greatest swordman"},{"_id":"4ffcfaf0f2c5dcf7569e4e3c","name":"Sanji","position":"Cook","ambition":"Find all blue"},{"_id":"4ffcfaf0f2c5dcf7569e4e3d","name":"Usopp","position":"Sniper","ambition":"Become the greatest warrior"},{"_id":"4ffcfaf0f2c5dcf7569e4e3e","name":"Nami","position":"Navigator","ambition":"Draw map of the world"}]

so, if I modify the sample code to look like:

var store = Ext.create('', {
fields: [
// data: sampleData
url: '',

then add a:


should that give the equivalent output? It basically gives an empty grid. Not sure where to start debugging - whether it's in the code, whether the URL get doesn't work, etc.

again, sorry for the probably obvious problems - just trying to get a feeling of whether this seems like a framework to give some programmer newcomers access to our MongoDB store or not.