Hello all,

Sorry for my english. What is my problem.

I need change background by tab title for mouse over,active and normal event. I need also support for legacy browsers. I need different colors for tab title in some TabPanel and different colors for tab title in TabPanel which is nested to first TabPanel.

ExtJS offers global Sass variables for this purpose.
My setting:
$tab-base-color: #999999;
$tab-base-color-active: white;
$tab-base-color-over: $tab-base-color-active;
1) Problem was with variable "tab-base-color-over". Ok, I found(hope) that is bug EXTJSIV-4421 in ExtJS version 4.1.0.

2) Problem is with legacy browsers support. Slice tool generates for "tab-default-top-active-bg.gif" and "tab-default-top-bg.gif" picture with same gradient(color). Is it bug in ExtJS or I did something bad?

3) Solution with Sass variables is only for all tab titles and I need different color for nested TabPanel.
I tried find some UI which I can used or extended but i wasn't successfull.
When I used only CSS class so I lost easy support for legacy browsers and I had to create images and styles for legacy browsers manually. Is it right way or exist some easier way?

Sorry for long post.

Thank you in advance