I have added loadmask in my application, for the user i want to show the page is loading. i have done this application using sencha touch2. when i browse this application in browser(safari/Chrome), i am able to see loadmask with indicator. using command prompt i have build apk file and uploaded to https://build.phonegap.com/. i got android apk file and iphone ipa file. when i installed ipa file to ipad here i am able to see loadmask. but when i installed apk file android device not showing loadmask, it will show blank screen during loading, next it will display the page. why in android device is not showing loadmask. can any one tell me, how can solve this one.
here is my code:

OnInitCompanyPage: function () {
        Ext.Viewport.setMasked({ xtype: 'loadmask', message: 'Loading...', indicator:true});
                url: SLS.BRND.WEB.common.Constants.wcfBaseUrl + 'PropertyService.svc/GetCompanyDetail',              
                method: 'POST',
                callbackkey: 'callback',
                params: {
                    format: 'json'
                callback: function (response, value, request) {
                    var localdata = JSON.stringify(value);
                    localStorage.setItem('PromoURL', localdata);
                failure: function (response, request) {