I find myself sending back huge strings of grid properties from my serverside framework, like

	new RUtil.prado.DataList('Admin:MusicManager:ArtistViewer:AlbumList', {"AllowSorting":false,"ShowHeader":true,"HeaderCssClass":"","ShowFooter":false,"ShowSearch":false,"TableCssClass":"recordset ygrid-mso","ItemCssClass":"","SelectedItemCssClass":"",
"AlternatingItemCssClass":"","Layout":"TABLE","tagName":"TABLE","AutoLoad":false,"UseDraggable":"","Group":"","UseDroppable":"","DropGroup":"","OnClick":"","Columns":[{"Class":"RTemplateColumn","TagType":"","TagName":"","Width":"","HeaderText":"","ItemTemplate":"\n\t\t\t\t\n\t\t\t[img]{0}\[/img]"},{"Class":"RTemplateColumn","TagType":"","TagName":"","Width":"","HeaderText":"","ItemTemplate":"\n\t\t\t\t\n\t\t\t<div>{1}</div><div>{2}</div>"}],"js":"\t\t\/***\r\n\t\t *\r\n\t\t * var list = dh.append(this.id + ':recordset', 
{\r\n     \t\t\ttag: this.param.TagName, cls: this.param.TableCssClass, children: [\r\n\t\t          {tag: 'li', id: 'item0', html: 'List Item 0'},\r\n\t\t          {tag: 'li', id: 'item1', html: 'List Item 1'},\r\n\t\t          {tag: 'li', id: 'item2', html: 'List Item 2'},\r\n\t\t   
       {tag: 'li', id: 'item3', html: 'List Item 3'},\r\n\t\t          {tag: 'li', id: 'item4', html: 'List Item 4'}\r\n      ]\r\n});\r\n\r\n\t\tvar list = dh.append(this.id +
 ':recordset', {tag: this.param.TagName, cls: this.param.TableCssClass});\r\n\r\n\t\t
var dh = YAHOO.ext.DomHelper;\r\n\t\t*\/\r\n\t\talert('motherer');\r\n"});
so why not cut out the middleman and just send back Grid creation / DomHelper.Template code and eval(json) ?

is there anything wrong with this?
my partner told me of talk on the yui forums of people abusing eval(json);

Dave says:
I was reading YUI on JSON, a little there explained how you eval JSON and that turns it into objects etc.. said it was probably the only acceptable use of eval.. in other words.. eval is one of those really abused things... in javascript...

anything wrong with eval-ing YAHOO.ext.grid.Grid, etc / YAHOO.ext.DomHelper code?