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Thread: sencha touch 2 + google app engine

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    Default sencha touch 2 + google app engine

    Hello, it's me again!
    So I've just about finished my first app which was a good learning experience and am now moving on to testing it. I would like to deploy my app to various mobile platforms and would also like to deploy it to google app engine. I thought deploying to gae would be very quick and straight forward but I have immediately encountered a problem with the cache.manifest file. The blue app loading indicator dots are shown on the screen but the app never loads. The output from the console is as follows;

    Creating Application Cache with manifest
    Application Cache Checking event
    Application Cache Error event: Failed to parse manifest
    • Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
      • r
      • q.blink
      • g.onreadystatechange
    I was hoping that maybe somebody had encountered this problem before and could tell me how to resolve the issue so that I don't have to resort to digging through the source found here
    This app seems to be structured differently from mine it doesn't have a cache.manifest. I wouldn't want to rewrite my app if at all possible.

    I'm using the python GAE framework

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    Looks like it is trying the ajax call to load app.js but google app engine isn't returning the file. Check out the network tab of dev tools.
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