Since Android 4.0.3 our Sencha2 App with Phonegap 1.9 has some proplems to play a video.
In Android 2.3.4 and IOS .x and of course in the browser it is still working.
In the view we maked:
            xtype: 'video',
            id: 'TestimonialDetailVideo',
            url: '',
            posterUrl: ''
In the controller we have set the Url like that:
            Ext.getCmp('TestimonialDetailVideo').setUrl("app/resources/vid/" +e.data.video);
            Ext.getCmp('TestimonialDetailVideo').setPosterUrl("app/resources/img/" + e.data.poster);
Only the poster is visible, nothing from the video (e.g. controls)
I tried to debug it and i've found out that:
Ext.getCmp('TestimonialDetailVideo').rendered /.initialized and all off these are true,
but the .media.dom.currentSrc is empty.

Thanks urb