The past couple of weeks I've been following Mozilla's Boot 2 Gecko (B2G It's an all-web mobile OS, already supported by companies like Telefonica and there is already this secret device called the 'Otoro' being given out to the Mozilla developers. Next to that I really love working with Sencha Touch 2, the problem is that it isn't quite running on Gecko but only in Webkit, therefor I've setup a playground project.

You can find it on Github;
Feel free to check it out and run it on Firefox Aurora (, it will not overwrite your current Firefox. SenchaFox is already responding and rendering pretty well on it!

The goal of my project is to get the kitchen sink example running on Gecko 15+ (maybe I'll move it on to Gecko 16 later on, this will be the Gecko version for B2G). After the project has completed I will go through the commits and write a script that patches the Sencha Touch 2 SDK on a project to be Gecko compatible.

The biggest challenge for now is image masking, I could really use some help from someone who has SVG experience as this is the only way to accomplish masking in Gecko that I know of.

Other than that, any pull request is more than welcome, fork, test, play, send in issues and get those pull request coming in! It's fun to work with the core of the framework, and you'll also learn a lot from it!