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Thread: A little fun app I made in an hour

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    Default A little fun app I made in an hour

    I made a joke on my Facebook page:

    I'm going to make a Sleeping Sounds app for the iPhone with three settings: "White Noise", "Gentle Rain in the Forest", and "Carl Sagan reads anything"
    Soon after I decided to see if I could whip this up in Sencha Touch using Architect 2. It took me an hour (most time was spent searching for audio and images), and here it is. I call it Sleepy.

    See it at

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    Default Nice it works...

    Nice it works....only thing I would do extra is to destroy or stop the audio on swipe. If its playing at the moment and you swipe to another panel it still plays.

    I had a similar problem with my YouTube video that kept playing after hide...I ended up giving each player an id and destroying the item on hide by using ext.getcmp. You could do the same on onactiveitemchange


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