Weird. When runnnig GXT application on Chrome with its zoom level set at 110%+, a height of the Grid header increases on every mouse entrance and exit. Moreover, column text labels are jumping and look living happily ever after ;( . We had this phenomena for sometime since 2.2.3 but finally we could reproduce it in our dev environment.


  • Ext GWT 3.0
  • Ext GWT 2.2.4
We use GXT 2.2.4 with 2.2.5+ patches for our production release. We did partially update Grid related classes with 2.2.6 equivalents but the problem still persists.

Browser, OS
  • Chrome, OS X 10.7
  • Chrome, Windows 7
  • IE10, Windows 7 ( tho, we don't know how to reproduce it)
Steps to reproduce the problem
  • Firstly, set Google Chrome's page zoom level to 110% on Windows or OSX.
  • Open GXT application with Chrome.
  • Move a mouse cursor in and out of a header column of the GXT Grid.
Nothing happens other than its graphical hover effects for mouse over events.

The height of the header row increases by 1px and the column header texts jump up everytime it detects the mouse cursor. As the result, the body area of the grid is pushed down and out.

You can reproduce this easily with these web sites, including official explorer demo for GXT 3.