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Thread: complex app possible in architect?

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    Default complex app possible in architect?

    We have a large internal java app I'm converting to ajax. I'm thinking of converting the frameset navigation(servlet nav tree on left frame, jsp apps load in right frame) to an architect application.

    I'm trying to figure out the logistics, do I create an application component(id 'mainApp' with say a card layout), then let the navigation add cards on the fly to 'mainApp', and flip to them...? If I do that, should I remove all other cards, for memory sake?
    I'm I then load separate architect apps in the application component by url... or do I try to make one huge, and complex application with tons, and tons of views...and switch them out.

    since extjs is already loaded in the page, what happens when I open a window, and load another extjs 4 app in the window? Would I edit the app.html of the app that loads in the window, and comment out the extjs load code?

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    There is no simple answer...

    ExtJS is more Client/Server (are you old enough?) than Web application, dom is manipulated by ExtJS via its components.

    If you use a frame to show content (which is "old fashioned" BTW) loading new content each time user selects new option in the "menu" region you will lose your application's context (stores, models, context data, etc) and all already created/rendered dom which must be recreated.

    To migrate your application I think that a better approach will be the inverse: Make your menu in ExtJS and use an iframe component (there are several in the wild) so when a user select an un ported option/functionallity you show your current content (jsp or servlet generated html) in that iframe component. Ported options will shown ExtJS "natively" in a popup window, card layed panel content, as tab page in tab panel, etc.

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