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Thread: Carousel - Switch on/off swipe listener

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    Default Carousel - Switch on/off swipe listener

    Is there a way to turn off and on the swiping between panels on a carousel object after it has been instantiated? I've looked through all the methods with no luck. setDraggable and setScrollable looked like they could be right, but they're not.


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    Could just remove the listeners on the element:

    Ext.define('Ux.carousel.Carousel', {
        extend : 'Ext.carousel.Carousel',
        alias  : 'ux-carousel',
        toggleSwipe : function(allow) {
            this.element[allow ? 'on' : 'un']({
                dragstart : 'onDragStart',
                drag      : 'onDrag',
                dragend   : 'onDragEnd',
                scope     : this
    This gives you a toggleSwipe method that if you pass true in it will add the listeners allowing swipe navigation, if you pass false it will disable the listeners and not allow swipe navigation (typed from my head)
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    Default Draggable in content of cards

    I have some cards that have draggable functionality. So I want to turn on and off the swipe listener on the carousel. However, using this method still catches the drag/dragstart/dragend events from the carousel. I want the carousel to ignore those events so those events are captured by the card contents. Is this possible?

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    Hi, i want to swipe between panels on a carousel object after certain validations in a form placed in an outer container. how can i achieve that?


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