I started looking at the GXT 3.0 yesterday, and am trying to see if this could be good to replace our "old" grids.
In general everything seems excellent and easy to use (so far), except for this one silly thing I can't get around.

My problem is that in a grid which has vertical scroll bar column headers are not aligned with data.
And this seems to be because the total width of all columns is extended by the width of the scroll bar. As scroll bar is visible only in the data part of the grid and not in header part - header part has some extension.
But column headers are aligned centrally so they start with left offset of half the width of scroll bar - thus misalignment.

But this is not the case in any of the examples on this site, from where I took the grid code.

If somebody could provide me with at least a clue, it would be great!

Best regards

Using inline editing grid example, btw