One difficulty with the new GXT 3.0.0 release is it is a little more difficult to test appearance of items with Selenium (note: The form value testing and data entry is WAY better for selenium!)

One thing I noticed, is with ListViews it is very difficult to get the selected row. There may also be a bug with row hi-lighting....

There is a class added for selection, however it can not be relied upon since the class name itself is generated. As well it appears getCssValue( ) does not work for border values (so you can not even look for the dashed style of the default selection).

So in order to track this, it is required to listen with a selection handler and add a "row-selected" class to the element/node of the selected row, while removing it from the previous selected row (if it exists - meaning you have to track the previous selected row).

Not the most ideal.

With row highlighting, each highlighted row will get a "x-view-highlightrow" class when highlighted. But if you call deselectAll( ) and have no rows highlighted the previous highlighted row is still highlighted. I would think that if you are deslecting all rows, you would want the highlight style cleared (afterall moving the mouse would reactive it)