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Thanks, Mitchell. If possible, it'd be good to eventually do:
title:(suggestion1 AND suggestion2)
title:(suggestion1 OR suggestion2)
I suggest this because that's the way people will also probably be used to doing it from google (Including me). Might avoid an annoying pitfall.
Mentioned that to Mike as he is the guy doing most of the server configs (I'm just learning things) and he is going to brainstorm it. There is a couple different ways to do it but want to pick which could be the cleanest and most efficient for our usage. Great idea though! I like titlefoo AND bar) better than title:foo title:bar

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I'd suggest adding a smart query for user name (you probably already have it on your list, though).
We do return the authors in that thread but will need to make it search for that... will look into this.

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I also agree that an option for having the search results show up on their own screen would be very good. Don't like being boxed in. Plus it's too easy to click outside the popup and lose all your results you've been working through!
Think I will take a stab at doing this today.

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You might also mention that this search is currently only available on the main forum page:
Took me a bit to find it. I imagine when you roll it out to all users, you'll have it on every forum page.
Thought I mentioned that above, guess I got sidetracked. The issue with having it on all the forum pages is when you drill into one where you have threads, there is the button to post a new thread so will have to get with our web design team to see where they would want to move that button, I'd want the search field in the same place everywhere.

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Oh, and you could probably pretty easily make "intitle" a synonym for "title" to avoid another annoyance that might trip people up who have google searches hardwired into their brain.
That should work now actually.