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How is this handling partial matches? Like "titleearch*" as opposed to "titleearch" or "titleearching"? I THINK it's handling it like you'd expect a wildcard to. And if you don't have a wildcard, it assumes "whole word" logic. So searching for "titleearc" finds nothing, because there's no exact match on that.
This will be looked at when we look at the author partial searching.

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Another random topic - tag search. I don't use it. Do other people? If so, this should probably support tag search, too, so it can be a full replacement of the existing search. Probably already on your list but I'm just being thorough.

Eventually, it should probably support all the features the current search supports, unless you can show that people just don't use that feature.

Also, how is this going to work for searching within a thread?
I don't mind you being thorough, actually very much enjoying it! Since I am adding in the prefix, yeah, the tags need to be looked at also. Will create a story so I don't forget, I'm only 28 but can be forgetful

But seriously, all these suggestions from everyone will be taken into account no matter how big or small. They will just be prioritized, like currently I am working on the popup/new page results as I think that is an important usability issue.