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    Default Importing a panel that has linked components inside "Could not find master instance"


    I hope I am explaining this correctly, I have created a 'wizard' that is a floating window with tab panels. One of the fields in the panel is a custom component that I created. It is linked to the panel and is used several times. The Wizard is now complete and I want to add it to a project. I have added the wizard window to architect tool bar along with the custom component. I first added an instance of the custom component to the main project. Then I added an instance of the wizard window. When I do this I get the error message "Could not find master instance ExtBox1-ext-gen8862 for linked instance "component 41" the linked instance will be removed."

    What am I doing wrong?


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    I tried reproducing this as best I could based on your steps, and did not receive this error. The linked field class was included in the new project as expected.

    Would you be willing to attach or send a copy of your failing project as well as your custom toolbox component exported to a file, so we can investigate?
    Jason Johnston
    Sencha Architect Development Team

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