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    Default Answered: Using Native Browser Zooming in an Android/iOS Sencha App

    Without Sencha (just PhoneGap) I’m able to use the viewport meta tag to create a graphics page with about 2,000 vector graphics that can be panned and zoomed and it is all beautifully handled by the underlying WebKit browser. Whenever I try to incorporate this idea into a Sencha app and use the Sencha native packager, Sencha disables the viewport scaling.

    I’ve tried many things such as using JavaScript to modify the viewport and embedding the graphics page in an iframe and nothing seems to be working. I have even tried implementing the zooming and panning from scratch by processing the zoom and drag events and using a canvas and translation to clip the graphics, but this too slow in the mobile app (the speed is fine in the desktop version). I hope a Sencha Guru out there can help me find a solution—it would be a shame to have to abandon Sencha just because I cannot get this one aspect to work properly.

  2. Well it looks like even the gurus at Sencha can't solve this one. Oh well, JQuery Mobile to the rescue...