I have a card layout view that I reuse multiple of times by linking in Architect.
My controller listens to event from my view and change card based on which button is pressed.
The views that are using the linked object are not updated.
Any hints of how to write this controller so it is updating the views that link in this class view.

The hiarchi is
Main view (cardpanel)
- menu (contains a buttons for planing, reporting, etc.)
- planing (linked view)
- reporting (linked view)
- project overview (linked view)

Project panel (card view)
- list
- details (shown on list disclosure)
- map (shown when map button in details view is pressed)
Project panell Controller
-map referense
- list referense
-details referense
-disclosure event listener
- map button tap event listener
- details button tap event listerner
Planing view
- project panel (linked)
Reporting view
-project panel (linked)

So in the main panel I have a menu, and I press a button to view a specific view
All views contains a linked Project Panel view in a card
But when displaying the linked Project Panel view, and shifting cards in that via the common Porject Panel Controller, the linked view are not updated.

To make then update I had to use this form
var pp = button.up('#projectNav');
var projectlist = pp.down('#projectList');

Instead of