Hi gcw07,

Thanks for your response.
Actually from the view I am calling the store.load function and in the store I am calling the web service and then based on the result I want to do some processing, It seems that when I am calling the store.load one thread goes there and another thread moves forward and at that point of time store is still having the old values so I can't perform the desired action. This will be more clear from the below piece of code

onSubmitButton: function(btn, evt){

//Getting the value from control to variable
var txt = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#txt')[0].getValue();
var pwd = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#pwd')[0].getValue();

//Creating the object of store
var loginStore = Ext.getStore('Login');

//passing the value for parameter
loginStore.getProxy().setExtraParam('Un', txt);
loginStore.getProxy().setExtraParam('Pd', pwd);
//Loading the store

//Trying to to get the value which has been returned from web service to store

var nm=Ext.getStore('Login').getAt(0).get('ret');

//Based the value trying to call another page or show error message
Ext.Msg.alert("Enter the correct User Name and password");

Here Immediately after load I am not getting the updated value, I need that programm should wait till it got the updated value I tried using IsLoading and IsLoaded function but unable to achieve the desired flow. Please help.....