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Thread: using datePicker show event dates with XML

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    Default using datePicker show event dates with XML

    Hi! Please do chip in? I want to use the datePicker to serve as a sort of "organizer calendar" where certain dates are colored (red, green yellow) based on certain types of events happening on that day.

    Take a look at this page someone else did.
    WOW pretty cool HOWEVER --- it doesn't show you in the datePicker on the top left what days have events by bolding the dates like Outlook does. It doesn't record what days have an event and give you any visual clues in the datePicker. I don't need the customer to be able to record new events, I just need the datePicker to display the events.

    Rather than picking a date, I want to highlight dates and have the right side talk to the datePicker.

    The data will be in an XML file assuming that I can get and to read in the data, what is the next step in using this data to turn the datePicker into a big christmas tree of colored lights corresponding to various dates?

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