Today we are pleased to release Ext JS 3.4.1 to all of our Ext JS Support customers. This release fixes several of the bugs you have reported and represents our commitment to continuing support for version 3.4 - a version used by many of our customers in their business-critical applications.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to build a bridge forward for these large applications - especially for those that cannot afford to migrate code 100% in a single effort.

In this release is a functionally-reduced flavor of Ext.define. This will allow you to start structuring and declaring your classes using the new syntax. To clarify, this is not a back-port of the V4 class system or the dynamic loader, only a simple wrapper around Ext.extend and Ext.override. As such, only the most important directives are provided:

  • extend
  • override
  • statics
  • singleton
  • xtype
  • callParent

Check out the docs (in the download) for specifics and enjoy!

For support customers with current subscriptions, you can go to the Sencha support portal to download the new build.

Bugs Fixed
  • EXTJSIII-15 - IE 9.0: Active tab has double lines underneath it in quirks mode
  • EXTJSIII-17 - enableDragDrop on EditorGridPanel breaks when using CheckColumn
  • EXTJSIII-18 - CompositeField ownerCt chain broken
  • EXTJSIII-19 - Ext.calendar cannot be recreated after being destroyed
  • EXTJSIII-23 - Form layout ignores container's layoutConfig
  • EXTJSIII-24 - Can't access checkbox when using BooleanColumn's editor is a checkbox
  • EXTJSIII-30 - notifyDrop called in wrong ddGroup and/or multiple times
  • EXTJSIII-31 - Grid drag zone swallows document mousedown event in IE
  • EXTJSIII-32 - Destroying an Ext.form.HtmlEditor twice is causing it to fail to initialize on all subsequent creations of the editor in IE 9
  • EXTJSIII-33 - User cannot create select region in IE9
  • EXTJSIII-34 - applyState on grid wipes out sortable property
  • EXTJSIII-35 - Ext.util.Format.defaultValue doesn't default to an empty string
  • EXTJSIII-37 - does not abort an activeRequest for the same action
  • EXTJSIII-38 - Update scroller in tabPanel when tab title is changed.
  • EXTJSIII-39 - DragTracker broken in IE9 Strict mode
  • EXTJSIII-41 - Buttons in a toolbar loose their position after the left side is collapsed
  • EXTJSIII-44 - Documentation error in BorderLayout.Region
  • EXTJSIII-45 - Store.hasMultiSort listed as Store.multiSort
  • EXTJSIII-48 - Component not allowing select should have proper CSS style
  • EXTJSIII-49 - Wwrong ext-lang-tr.js distributed with ExtJS 3.4.0
  • EXTJSIII-50 - Focus jump out of order when tab key press from a Grid cell in editing in IE9 standard mode
  • EXTJSIII-54 - Toolbar reorderer bug. Dragged items can lose contact with mouse pointer.