This thread is to show a Gallery of Apps made with Sencha Touch 2.x

There is also a dedicated url here:
and you can submit your app here:

But not all apps that are submitted are listed in that gallery:
For my experience I did a submit more than 1 month ago with several email and received no reply at all.

I think that it is very important to see results of other developers, it is most useful than tons of question and discussion threads.

I encourage all developer to post here any link to their jobs, even if not yet completed.

I suggest to write one post for each app and to write these stuff:

App Name
App Category
App Description (describe your app as best you can)
Developer Info (brief description of your company, including website)
Device Support (devices that this app supports)
Demo URL (Web App url)
Store URLs (Web App, Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore)
Video URL (one minute demo video to show off the interaction in your app, very appreciated)
Icon and Screenshots

I will add an app of mine on next post as example.