Hi All,
I am not getting the updated value from store after the setting of extraParams and the whole logic is in the "OnSubmitButton" function of a controller and I had already set the extraParams in the "OnSubmitButton" function itself only, also given the load() function in the "OnSubmitButton" function and I want to print the upadated Store data in the "OnSubmitButton" function only i.e.(console.log("The return value is="+nm) , I am not getting the updated value of nm in the session of a "OnSubmitButton" function.

Below is my controller (OnSubmitButton function ):

onSubmitButton: function(btn, evt){

var txt = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#txt')[0].getValue();
var pwd = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#pwd')[0].getValue();

var jobsStore = Ext.getStore('Login');


Ext.Msg.alert("Login in Successful");
Ext.Msg.alert("Enter the correct User Name and password");

Output is:

sharadc /samples/IHGProject/app/controller/Notes.js?_dc=1343827786453:133
Pyramid1234 /samples/IHGProject/app/controller/Notes.js?_dc=1343827786453:137
The return value is=6 /samples/IHGProject/app/controller/Notes.js?_dc=1343827786453:156

Correct Output should be:
The return value is=1 ,

( i.e 6 is oudated value and 1 is updated value)

Please Suggest me....................
Thanks and Regards.