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Thread: Socket IO 0.8.7 Library not found

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    Default Answered: Socket IO 0.8.7 Library not found

    I can't seem to find anywhere else that this issue has come up, and I'm lost as to how to resolve it.

    Socket IO Library is missing?

    • [COLOR=red !important]Uncaught SocketIoTransport needs the 0.8.7 client library to work, but that library was not found. Please include the library and try again. SocketIoTransport.js:55[/COLOR]
    EDIT: I lost myself in potential browser issues, since I'm on Chrome's dev build, only to find later that while my url path was accurate: "script scr" is NOT as it turns out, proper html.

  2. Hello,

    In app.json (a different file from app.js where your code is) there is a reference to it should look something like this:

    "js": [
          "path": "../lib/io/lib/"
    Just make sure that patch matches the path to which we include with the sdk download.

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