Hey guys, love the new market! I created a new Sencha account yesterday off of the forum (forgot old username / email)... I just finished writing an ST2 extension and I wanted to get it posted to the market. I went over to the market site and tried to login using the credentials I had just setup, however, I get an invalid username / password message. At first I thought I might have had to register on the market, so I gave that a shot but it said my email / username was already in use. So I tried the reset password feature, got the email, visited the link in the email and tried to set a new password. It tells me that my token is invalid... So then I tried using the resend confirmation instructions, got the email, went to the link, entered my information and it tells me the email is already taken.

At this point I'm at a loss for what to do... I could create another account on the market, but I don't want to manage multiple accounts. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!