We've been working on an updated implementation and infrastructure improvements for the src.sencha.io service and we are ready to share this with you. Our goal was to make src.sencha.io better and faster and continue to provide this free hosted Sencha.io service that many of you have come to rely on. The service has seen reasonable growth and we currently process upwards of ~600 requests per second from users around the world.

For mobile, latency is one of the largest issues we wanted to improve. The new service will run in multiple regions and we're now able to process images faster, further reducing latency. We have also updated our cache strategy to be more efficient and will be reducing the default cache TTL (from 1 day, to 6 hours).

In reviewing log data, we found images that failed to be correctly processed when they should have. We've worked to improve on those failures. Larger images will be processed faster (max 20M). If the service has issues processing an upstream image (ex. too large or corrupt), right now the service will generally fail rather silently. This isn't helpful and we have improved. All requests will have an associated Request Id header, which you can use when communicating with us. We have updated the user agent database and results are more accurate. The list goes on and we think you'll notice in your applications the improvements we've made.

Please note: the API remains the same, but we plan to deprecate the /flush API call. The usage of this call is extremely rare and creates unneeded complexity in the infrastructure.

Before we begin production migration of the src.sencha.io hostname (and domain shards src1-4), we wanted to give you the opportunity to help test the new service and infrastructure. You can access it via src5.sencha.io and src6.sencha.io right now. These hosts will be added to the domain shard pool going forward (in other words, these are production hosts, you can use them within your application or website today without concern).

Your feedback is welcome.

Pending no issues: production migration will begin August 9th and should be complete by August 15th. We expect to migrate the domain shards (src1-4) first and the src.sencha.io hostname once we have reviewed the traffic. Prior to migrating the src.sencha.io hostname, we will post an update to this thread.