Its not that I am finding bugs, but as being new to sencha it is hard to find how things work. Yes you have api documentation but it is very brief explanation of class and its method/properties, no direction as to what,when, why, how to use it except trying to figure it out on your own. There should be more explanations in the classes, more real examples in the classes/widgets ect. In addition when getting starting there are the breif guides but they are so basic that it does not really help you put an application together.

Sencha is a large framework but there needs to be more end to end examples of best practices for building small apps and then for large apps. Pandora gives an example of a small app and thats good, but none for large apps. No explanation of common scenerios like switching views in the center pane of border layout.

For example for me I get confused with best way to use MVC, example you can put Stores/Controllers in your app.js ok so what does this mean, what does it do, does this mean that the stores/controllers are just referenced or are they fired, then you can put Stores in controller or Stores in views, again hard to find docs that explain the difference and when and why to use each approach, this when, why, and how beyond just showing a component, is the problem with the docs, not the bugs at least I haven't gotten far enough to even see if that is a problem.

In my opinion if Sencha would take some time and maybe pick 3 or 4 common application designs and create best practice guides for small and large applications, they could cut down on support costs and increase sales. The guides should be something easy to read with explanations for everything. Maybe a top to bottom flow but can be broken down into parts for Data,Navigation,Layout, ect.

I bought ExtJs in Action 2nd edition meap and it has helped alot to explain things, the author did a nice job of explaining the basics and not to take away from him but the book is just the basics and exactly what I would expect Sencha to provide in their getting started docs. If I could find more EtJs 4.x good books I would buy them to. But Sencha should provide good end to end getting started guided not just the simple piece by piece guides they have now.

This is why people say it is hard to learn because so many ways to do the same thing with no way of telling which is best to use or which to use in a given scenario leaving the newbie no resource besides scouring the internet, forums, and going through the api piece by piece taking a best guess approach hoping they guessed right. Which is a daunting task considering the frameworks size and ability. We just want Sencha to give us more direction with good guides.

Sorry for the rant, but I have spent hours upon hours just trying to figure out how to get the basic application design flow working, still having probs not knowing best way to do it.

If you had guides like
For an application that looks and works like x here are the steps with complete working example with complete explanation of example so a newbie can just run the example online and go yes that is the type app design I want, great now I can just follow these steps and focus on my business needs.

For application designed like y do this.

Do 3 or 4 or the more the better of these type guides and all is much much better.