I have 2 charts to display. I am trying to apply a data filter to chart B's store when user mouse overs on chart A content - simple enough i think. [chart A - tooltip listener code given below]
    listeners : {                            'itemmouseover' : function(item) {

                                var filterID = Number(item.storeItem.data.ID);
                                eventsXmlStore.clearFilter(); //clear any other filters that may apply
                                eventsXmlStore.filter("WAITS_PER_MIN", 158.7); //eventsXmlStore - store for Chart - B                                dbTimeChart.refresh();


Filter works well, I've logged the data coming from the newly filtered store. But when it comes to chart.reDraw(), my chart's new sprite gets tossed to the corner of the container, the old sprites from the unfiltered store remain on chart B with stripped labels. Is there a clean way to refresh scatter charts after filtering their store?