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Thread: Sencha Capabilities in Mobile Developments

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    Default Sencha Capabilities in Mobile Developments

    I want to build mobile applications using Sencha Touch 2. I wanted to know whether Sencha Touch is capable of this or not.
    Can I write the code just once for a mobile application involving the use of APIs and the same code can be used to generate the application on multiple platforms like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian?
    Also, if I have already developed an application on Android, can I make some changes in the source code and make it run on iPhone?
    Please give your valuable inputs.

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    For the most part yes. You need to know what devices/platforms Sencha Touch supports:

    Also, for Sencha Touch you need to use the classes in Ext.device.* and just a couple changes to packager.json to target the platform and you are ready to be using it.
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