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    Default Unanswered: Linkify question

    I've been trying and googling for hours, and cannot find a solution. Perhaps you have a solution for me.

    I'm trying to linkify url's in my feed. My Twitter and blog posts always have links and I'd like them to be clickable.

    Ext.define('Gallery.view.Feed', {
        extend: 'Ext.navigation.View',
        xtype: 'feed',
        fullscreen: true,
        config: {
            title: 'Feed',
            iconCls: 'download',
            cls: 'feed',
            scrolable: true,
            items: [
                    xtype: 'nestedlist',
                    title: 'Feed-Me',
                    iconCls: 'star',
                    displayField: 'title',
                    store: {
                        type: 'tree',
                        fields: [
    'title', 'link', 'author', 'contentSnippet', 'content',
                            {name: 'leaf', defaultValue: true}
                        root: {
                            leaf: false
                        proxy: {
                            type: 'jsonp',
                            url: '',
                            reader: {
                                type: 'json',
                                rootProperty: 'responseData.feed.entries'
                    detailCard: {
                        xtype: 'panel',
                        scrollable: true,
                        styleHtmlContent: true
                    listeners: {
                        itemtap: function(nestedList, list, index, element, post) {

    I've seen examples of this when using a template. Is there any easy way to implement linkify without using a template? If not, what would be the best way to implement a linkified template here?


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    Create your own model and specify the fields and use the convert config on the field. Within this convert method you can use the replace method on the string and use RegExp
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