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    Default using app.scss vs. external css file

    For my applications, I've always been using app.scss to insert any custom CSS I want to style the classes I gave to different Sencha Touch components. Using this method, I've had to run a 'compass compile' every time I want to see the effect it's had on the look of my application. Recently, I figured out I could just create a custom CSS file for my application, include it in the app.json, and no 'compass compile' will be required. When actually packaging the application for a release, are there any problems with this. And if there isn't, should I only be using the app.scss if I want to insert code using SASS and using custom Sencha mixins? (@include sencha-button-ui for example)

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    you should use the scss to compile your css

    you can use "compass watch" on the folder to automatically watch for changes and build a new css file

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