First of all i would like to say that building to iOSSimulator works fine, but when i try to build to a device (on Mountain Lion) there's something wrong..

This is what comes back from the terminal log.
[INFO] Deploying your application to /Users/-/Sites/application/build/package
[INFO] Copied sdk/sencha-touch.js
[INFO] Copied app.js
[INFO] Copied resources/css/app.css
[INFO] Copied resources/css/filename.css
[INFO] Copied resources/css/loader.css
[INFO] Copied resources/images
[INFO] Copied resources/icons
[INFO] Copied resources/startup
[INFO] Copied resources/fonts
[INFO] Copied app/data
[INFO] Resolving your application dependencies (file:////Users/-/Sites/application/index.html)
[INFO] Found 201 dependencies. Concatenating all into '/Users/-/Sites/application/build/package/app.js'
[INFO] Processed sdk/sencha-touch.js
[INFO] Minifying sdk/sencha-touch.js
[INFO] Minified sdk/sencha-touch.js
[INFO] Processed app.js
[INFO] Minifying app.js
[INFO] Minified app.js
[INFO] Minifying resources/css/app.css
[INFO] Minified resources/css/app.css
[INFO] Minifying resources/css/filename.css
[INFO] Minified resources/css/filename.css
[INFO] Minifying resources/css/loader.css
[INFO] Minified resources/css/loader.css
[INFO] Generated app.json
[INFO] Embedded microloader into index.html
[INFO] Packaging your application as a native app...
[INFO] The application was successfully packaged
The application was successfuly signed
Only iOS simulator is supported to run packaged apps
Failed to run packaged application
It says everything goes fine (building/signing) but when it becomes to deploy it on the device something goes wrong. When i put my in the xcode organizer gives me the following error..

The executable was signed with invalid entitlements.
The entitlements specified in your applications Code Signing Entitlements file do not match those specified in your provisioning profile.

(my provisioning profile looks fine.)

I've tried a couple methods as described on the forum but without any luck, i was hoping someone could put me in the good direction.