Hello all,

I'm just now starting to get into the Ext.Direct stuff and am pretty excited about it so far. Took 16 db calls that were getting 'blocked' at the browser level and got them all in 1 call. Pretty awesome! I was going to package it all up for deployment but ran into the seemingly common issue of the order of data loading being an issue when doing this. Specifically my API is being generated as normal but since I have all the stores/models being loaded either before the ext.direct.manager can load the API (when compiling the jsb file and including the addProvider command in the application definition) or it just won't work since ext.direct.manager isn't loaded yet after adding it to the index.html file like the traditional methods.

So my question is, has anybody found a good solution to this problem that doesn't involve reworking stores/models but still gets everything in the jsb file? I'm thinking of making a smaller jsb file specifically for the direct.manager data, loading it immediately after the ext.js file and then doing the traditional addProvider call. Make sense? Anybody else gotten anything good to work?

Hopefully this makes sense. Writing this out on the iPad is brutal.