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Thread: Which date field has the 'greater' date?

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    Default Which date field has the 'greater' date?

    I have a form with 2 date fields.

    Inside the select event of each, I want to check to see if it is 'greater' (after) than the other. How do I do that?

    It should be EASY - but this is a classic example of the ExtJS docs reminding me of the Seinfeld episode 'A lot about nothing'.

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    Not sure what this has to do with the Ext docs.

    Should we include a section "How to check if one date is greater than another date".

    Anyway, it is easy and it's done in JS:

    // May also want to deal with nulls
    var d1 = field1.getValue().getTime(),
        d2 = field2.getValue().getTime();
    console.log(d1 > d2);
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