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Thread: Architect 2.1 crashes

    This issue duplicates another issue.
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    Default Architect 2.1 crashes

    Took the upgrade to 2.1 this morning. Initially, it all looked quite good -- but as the day has gone on, we've been experiencing fairly frequent crashes.

    Windows 7, x64

    We get a pop-up window reporting:
    An unexpected error occurred
    Pleas help us make Architech better by reporting this error to the Architect forums
    TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'v.replace(re, '\\' + quote)')

    Our choices are 'Ignore', 'Restore', 'Exit Architect'

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    Jim -

    Could you provide any additional information like a project file? In the code base, we know that a value is passed in to be quoted/encoded as a string but its not a string. However, we don't know how that value is getting passed in.\\-quote)-)

    This issue would qualify to go into an auto update patch.
    Aaron Conran

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