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Thread: StartupImage property not working?

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    Default StartupImage property not working?


    We are testing Sencha Architect (2.1) at the office as a development tool. So far most problems we came across we were able to solve. However, there is one thing we can not get fixed. Even after reading several threads in this forum.

    We are using the startupImage property to make our test app show a startup image. We have set the following values in this property:
    We are certain that all the images are there and are working. We tested it with a simple style that sets a background image in the index.html. So we know for a fact the images are there and are all working.

    However, we do not get to see the image during app load with the startupImage property. When we start our test app, we only get to see white screen before the app itself is shown. This happens on an iPhone 4 (5.1.1), iPad 2 (5.1.1), iPhone Simulator, Android (2.3.3), Android (2.3.5) and Android (4.0.4).

    We have even tried the phoneStartupImage property that some people refer to in the forums, but they all don't work.

    Who can help us out and tell us what we are doing wrong and solve this? Is this a bug?
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