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    Default Answered: Reload chart datastore

    Using Beta 2.1 with charts.

    I'm using a simple data store that generates random data. I would like to refresh my line chart with this data, but so far had no success in this. I have tried:


    But nothing happens on my chart at all. However, this is working:


    Great, so I can remove all the data from the chart. But how can I load it again and refresh the chart?


  2. Try adding something like this inside your store definition:

    refresh : function()
    // Generate a fresh set of random values for display on the chart
    var newData = generateData(5,1);

    // Update this store's data field, which will cause a chart refresh

    Then hook up a UI button to call this refresh method:

    var store = Ext.getStore('myStore');

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